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These photos were taken during our guided volunteering and tourism programs.

The Rural Tourism and Technology Transfer Project is equally and opportunity to help volunteers verify, crossreference and complete their research & course work and provide a relaxed exchange of information with strategic target participants which they may never find in the developed nations. Tele-Free Company and the GEED-Foundation would be glad to provide and arange special food/dietary and accommodation to participants with special needs on demand.


The Rural Tourism and Technology Transfer Project may be tailored on request for groups with special interest that may also involve serveral rural villages and communities in the savahna grassfields, forest and sea shore coastal rural villages with fantastic touristic attractions of Africa and African food. You may attend some special courses on local African languages, wood work, basket making, arts & craft work, river swimming, fishing, hunting, hiking, bee keeping, entrepreneurship etc. You would visit crater lakes, inland lakes, mangroove forests, creeks, nice hotels in the Kribi and Limbe beaches and botanic gardens, etc.  You will see the beautiful landscapes and sea shores of Africa still in their virgin state. You will also have the opportunity of meeting people living below the poverty line in chiefdoms practising royalty and ready to be friendly with you and help you in understanding their environment and culture either as a leisure to you or as a research work. Volunteers and tourist may also propose their own projects or set of activities


Email us with the email subject line as “Rural Tourism” to:  

Do you wish to travel to Africa or take on a new relief direction?

Join the Rural Tourism and Technology Transfer Project and give a new direction and relief to someone’s life today! Email your interest to:


The Rural Tourism and Technology Transfer Project (RTTTP) is a new project of the Tele-Free Company aimed at aiding cultural and technology exchange between the developed countries’ nationals and the destitude poor peoiple of remote rural villages of the Africa.

The 1st phase of the Rural Tourism and Technology Transfer Project is currently going on and is now welcoming application of interest from both international volunteers and beneficiaries who would visit touristic attraction sites based in the rural villages in Africa as "Tourist Volunteers" during which they would assist on site in one or more of the technology transfer projects of the Tele-Free and GEED-Foundation project(s) by either giving lectures on key developmental ideas, entrepreneurship, and or instalation of appropriate Internet WiFi antenna system and or mobile phone signal booster system in a destitude rural community isolated from regular phone and internet coverage.


Where appropriate, the Tele-Free Company will provide hands-on training to both beneficiaries and participanting volunteers, as well as provide the technology/devices to be installed.


Volunteers would then have briefing and working sessions with the rural beneficiaries and implement the project enabling internet and phone signal communication to destitude rural isolated communities in Africa. Volunteers would teach locals on the use of the internet for academic, business and economic advancement on site.


Beneficiaries, Tourists, Volunteers and Interns may apply to participate in the Rural Tourism and Technology Transfer Project by sending their letter of interest by email to:



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Saturday April the 21st

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The Tele-Free Company has secured important deal with strategic telecom machines and degital smart phone manufacturers that will catapult our customers and their friends into a whole new savings giving them opportunity to free calls in their private networks. Tele-Free can supply you within 72 working hours.

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Monday April the 23rd

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After the breakthrough the Tele-Free Company had in March with the integration of our free calls system to our money transfer system, we allow micro financial institutions in Cameroon test run the system. After further review we have decided there is a possible way to reach even more people with our newest system to allow individuals to benefit from our telefree company technology. There is always room for improvement on new ideas. Tele-Free Company is providing affordable free calls phone systems on its cloud technology in Africa

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Tele-Free is Eco Friendly

Tele-Free Company is now focused on designing and implementing only the best Cloud and affordable Eco-friendly communication network systems integrated with free calls phone systems affordable to everyone including destitute remote villages in Africa.

     Tele-Free research on community lifestyle found that poor people make more long phone calls than rich people in Africa! So, why are their governments not regulating rates charged to them?

    Are u one of them? Talk to us now.