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Tele-Free Company, Ltd here after referred to as Tele-Free is a company organized and existing under the laws of Cameroon following the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa “OHADA” and particularly the Uniform ACT relating to Commercial Companies and Economic interest Groups with its

Head Office at:


Mile 2 Nkwen, Bamenda,

P.O. Box 5027


Tel: +237 33 11 32 64



      Tele-Free Company was founded after a major research on key products that render poor people poorer such as GSM mobile phone calls in Africa done by the volunteers of the Global Education and Environment Development Group (GEED) commissioned by Jude T. Nforngang the Executive Director. Tele-Free Company has build affordable alternative telecommunication and remitance system for destitute people.


   Every Tele-Free product you buy will enable the GEED Group provide quality charity ICT training with a free  iPad, PC or laptop to a destitute school child in one of the participating poorest remote rural villages of Africa. 


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Our company & charity is managed only by experts


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Strategic Partnership

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The Tele-Free Company has secured very important relationships with strategic telecom machines and degital smart phone manufacturers that is catapulting our customers and their friends into a whole new savings giving them opportunity to free calls in their private networks. Tele-Free can supply you within 72 working hours. Email and talk to us about your need

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After the breakthrough the Tele-Free Company had with the integration of the Tele-Free Calls system and our evolutional money remitance system, we are now allowing micro financial institutions in Cameroon test run the system. After further review we have decided there is a possible way to reach even more people with our newest system to allow individuals to benefit from our telefree company technology. There is always room for improvement on new ideas. Tele-Free Company is providing affordable free calls phone systems on its cloud technology in Africa. Talk to us today about your needs!

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Tele-Free is Eco Friendly

Tele-Free Company is now focused on designing and implementing only the best Cloud and affordable Eco-friendly communication network systems integrated with free calls phone systems affordable to everyone including destitute remote villages in Africa.

     Tele-Free research on community lifestyle found that poor people make more long phone calls than rich people in Africa! So, why are their governments not regulating rates charged to them?

    Are u one of them? Talk to us now.